What is Quidditch?

A mixed gender, full contact sport played on a field, with 7 players a side, said to be a cross between rugby, basketball, tag and dodge ball.

What isn’t Quidditch?

This may take a while...

Do you have broomsticks?

Of course we do! A broomstick must be between your legs at all times during play, which adds a unique handicap to the game.

But how do you fly?

We’re still working on it, unfortunately Hogwarts isn’t returning our phone calls.

Is there a golden snitch?

Yep! The golden snitch is an impartial player who runs around with a tennis ball in a yellow sock tied around their waist. The snitch does whatever he or she can to stop the sock being caught by the Seekers!

How long do games go for?

Somewhere between 22-25 minutes on average. It depends how long it takes for the golden snitch to be captured!

Am I too old/young/unfit to play?

Currently our teams have members from ages 14 to 30 something. We welcome all fitness levels to come along and have a go!

Do players dress up?

We wear our team jerseys and sports clothes to play, but we won’t judge you for what you like to do in the privacy of your own home.

What if I don’t know my Professor Snape from my Professor Flitwick?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to love the world of Harry Potter to play this game. Some people just play for fitness, fun and to meet new people!

What does SAQA stand for?

South Australian Quidditch Association, of course!

How many teams play in South Australia?

5 teams exist currently- the Adelaide Augureys, the Adelaide Abraxans, the Glenelg Gargoyles, the Flinders Uni Fantastic Beasts and the Adelaide Uni Hippogriffs. 


What does QAI stand for?

Quidditch Australia Incorporated, mate!

What does IQA stand for?

Intergalactic Quidditch Association, silly!


Ok no, but that would be cool. It stands for the International Quidditch Association. Quidditch is played by over 300 teams in over 20 countries in the world!

Wow! Count me in, this sounds like a lot of fun. How do I find out more?

You've come to the right place! Just contact us or head to the South Australian Quidditch Association on Facebook for more information on finding a training to attend!

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