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Having formed in 2016, The Flinders University Fantastic Beasts are moving up in SA quidditch and we’re doing it fast, tackling challenges head on and doing it together. The Beasts are SA’s first QAI official uni team, but we aren’t just comprised of uni students, we welcome all kinds of people! Our members range from seasoned players that have competed at the Australian Quidditch Championships, to newcomers who’ve never played a team sport before. We pride ourselves on our teamwork, sportsmanship, equality, and tolerance. We aim to bring together a group of athletes, organisers, and fans that feel more like a family than just a sports team. The Beasts are friendly on the pitch but we’re ferocious in a match, and raring to prove that we’ve got what it takes! If this sounds like the team for you, be sure to come down to a training or send us a message!

Be fantastic, join the Beasts!

Training Time and Locations

Mondays & Thursdays 6-8pm

Flinders Main Oval




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